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Privacy Policy

The below details the privacy policy of THE TAN CLAN, the website www.thetanclan.in and the users who interact with it. THE TAN CLAN is committed to protecting the privacy of its users and complies with all the relevant regulations around the same. 

Data Sources and Uses :

  1. Name, Email ID, Shipping and Billing Address, Phone Number :

This data is collected directly from users of the website. This data is used to identify the user, deliver goods and services, identify “lookalike” customers, and for security and fraud prevention.

  1. Commercial Information :

We do not collect payment card numbers and pins. Checkout happens through a third party portal of our payment gateway. We are provided details of the mode of payment and the bank used. We may use this information to provide targeted discounts and promotions and to analyze sources of traffic. 

  1. Internet and network activity like IP addresses and location :

We collect this data automatically when you visit our website. This data is used to analyze location based aggregate data and sources of traffic. We also use this data to provide goods or services and target promotions.

  1. Communication data : 

We store all call records and whatsapp communication with users. This is used for quality, training purposes, and for safety and fraud prevention.

  1. Social Media reviews :

We may choose to re-share customer reviews on Facebook, Instagram and other social media. We use this data to measure user engagement and for security and fraud prevention purposes. We obtain this data directly when users share our content, post with our products or tag us.

  1. Other sources –

We may use other sources to draw data to identify customers, deliver goods, customize and personalize advertisements, identify new customers, and for security and fraud prevention.`

  1. Data Sharing

THE TAN CLAN does not share user data with third parties in exchange for money. We transfer personal data to third parties in order to obtain their services (for example, for Facebook and Google Ads). We are always careful with user data and we intend to comply with all regional legislation.

  1. Customer Notifications

THE TAN CLAN gives users the option to opt out of email marketing and marketing on other media. You can email us at info@thetanclan.in if you are receiving communication which you do not wish to subscribe to.

  1. Use of Cookies

THE TAN CLAN uses cookies to improve the user experience and to increase website load speeds. Users are advised to check their web browser settings if they do not want to share cookies. Some of the user tracking is done by Google and Facebook. You can refer to Google and Facebook’s privacy policies for reference.

  1. External Links

Although THE TAN CLAN only includes verified links on the website, THE TAN CLAN does not take responsibility for the quality of the links. Users are advised to exercise caution while clicking on any links. THE TAN CLAN cannot be held liable for any damage caused due to external links.

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